Saturday, 4 January 2014

WEIGHTLOSS: Free Recipe Book and Have Your Tried African Mango?

This #Xhosa Chick has been nothing if not busy. Busily obsessing over weight issues.
Nothing out of the ordinary there.
Party season is coming to a rapid close and something needs to be done with over extended waistlines.
Don't you agree?
So yes, this is me doing my bit towards preserving our health.
My home work has led me to some free and paid products. Over the next few days I will put up a post on each as I show you what I've come across.

I hope whatever you choose helps you towards you weightloss and emotional well being goals.
Some of us have to replace the emotional attachments with food. That's why I brought in Winnie the Pooh and Christopher Robin to help out, coming in next week.

First Up!
I love following healthy weightloss options but the downside is often the amount of preparation involved if you are not organised. And as a busy mom and blogpreneur, being caught unprepared does not help in the least bit. I picked this book because the food is interesting, quick and will go a long way in assisting in the plight to get rid of the carb addition without going into withdrawals as I tend to with the detox adventures.

The book is free for download by the way so go on ahead.
This is what it says

"If you're interested in this book, odds are pretty good that you have made the decision to eat healthier and, most likely, to lose weight as well.

Scientific studies have shown that a low carbohydrate diet is one of the safest, fastest, and most effective ways to lose weight. In order for your low carbohydrate diet to be healthy, though, it is important that you follow some common sense guidelines."


I absolutely love this next product. I use it and as someone with issues with heart palpitations I find it difficult to find something that works without causing more side effects. Diet pills and such products seem to thrive on artificial stimulants which although may help in the short term are absiolutely detrimental to health.
So if you have not heard about or used the African Mago plant, I recommend you do some reading up on it and i'm sure you'll be encouraged to try it.
Its a pity that at the time I started using it I was not blogging and that was after having my last baby.  I was beside myself with panic over my weight.
Other mothers lose weight with breast feeding. Not yours truly.
I was 15 KG's heavier than before pregnancy and had nothing to wear, knees were shot and I was exhausted all the time.
I can't remember how I came to hear about African Mango but I suspect something to do with Dr. Oz. I spend a couple of weeks locating it and doing research on efficacy and safety. I have never looked back.

I'm far from my ideal weight because winter keeps happening but this product has given me a certain level of control. I hope you try it out.

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