Monday, 2 December 2013

Heaven in a Mug: A microwave #recipe for the gods

It's winter in most countries across the pond from South Africa at the moment.
Lots of opportunities to indulge in what maybe not be so good for the body but certainly a must have for winter ambience....think blazing fires on the hearth and thickly knit socks..
Hopefully the fact that it uses cocoa powder instead of chocolate  could be its a saving grace, (the link I put in here by the way takes you to 100% cocoa versions).

This microwave thing of beauty is also brilliant for when feelin' a wee bit in the doldrums too.
Nno psychotic snow storms or blazing hearths necessary.

This is quite possibly the easiest recipe you will ever make in your entire life in the same amount of time it takes  to make a good cuppa coffee....well just about.
The lovely thing is also that these are ingredients that most homes have somewhere behind something in the grocery cupboard.

So get ready to go hunting.
The lady I got it from calls it Heaven in a Mug and so I continue in that vain.
Now let me tell you how to make it.

You will need:

1 large mug
4 Tbl spoons of SR flour
4 Tbl spoons of sugar
2 Tbl spoons of cocoa powder

Mix these ingredients together really well in the mug, then you will need to add:

2 Tbl spoons of cooking oil, I much prefer sunflower oil

3-5 Tbl spoons of water, depends on the consistency you want.

Mix all these ingredients together in your mug, basically we are going for a chocolate cake mix consistency. Need to add more water? all means.
Now you're ready to gear up for the next it.
Once you have the right consistency, put your mug in the microwave and cook it for 1 minute.
All microwaves are different so you need to test things a bit. It could take 40 second, 50, etc.
Those few seconds can change your wonderful creation from Heaven in a Mug to Black Bottom Pudding (yummy crunchy burnt bits).

The desired result is a soft gooey top on the pudding, the middle of the mug nicely cooked yet moist chocolate pudding and down the bottom of the mug you should have warm gooey goodness.
That lovely little pot of gold at the bottom of the mug which gives you the will to go on.

If you really want to spoil yourself some more you can add a little scoop of ice-cream on your cooked pudding. But not if it all goes to your hips just by catching a glimpes of it.....sort of like it does to me.


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