Tuesday, 24 December 2013

What's Not to Love About My #Blackberry Bold 5......LOTS: Product Review


this is not a complimentary post at all so you could be offended.....
if you suspect you might...read no further.

Picture courtesy of Google Images but I have that very same phone right to the colour match.

She is sitting there looking pretty I know. Do not be fooled. This is most probably the most useless "smartphone" I have ever used. I doubt very much that she has even one iota of tech intelligence that qualifies a gadget for the word "smart".

But before I go flying off let me tell you why I asked Himself (hubby) to invest his hard earned money (R5000 -almost $500) in this phone for me which is now the bane of my techie life.

Previously I used Nokia right up until they had problems and then moved on to Apple. Both products I've loved right up until nokia fell off the market *sad* and iPhone just became financially impractical. Problem with apple is that you have to pay for everything from data to sending text, etc...
Ninety five of my working life is spend online and not being interested in the expensive contracts that come with smartphones, I decided to look for alternatives.

Blackberry seemed like a very good one. One of their most popular packages offers everything except calls for just R60, under $6 a month, this seemed perfect.
My only overhead in my blogging business is expensive data for mobile. 
So you can see why this would be the perfect solution only if this damn phone was user friendly. 

What do I dislike so much about this nearly $500 phone.

If you use apple you are familiar with iTunes that comes pre-installed in your device.....well Blackberry has App World.....not automatically downloaded into the phone.
Most irritating because how are you supposed to start populating your phone. But this is just a minor inconvenience easily solved by downloading the app into the phone....ONE WOULD THINK.
But nooooo I tell you nooo.

First you have to register for a Blackberry Id which I did  a thousand times over and the darn thing kept giving me errors and failures to verify...
You might be thinking duhhh....go to a service centre and get it sorted....i would have done so if it had been my top priority but as a stay at home mom and business person I tell you every moment spend out on chores has such a long list of to do’s that for 4 months I never got the time.....I still haven't but last week I finally got the email account and pas words to work as the new ID and the phone told me I was already registered some time ago….news to me. I changed password, got in amd wallah...this should have been the end of it.

Well I can tell you with absolutely certainty that my issues continue because now the darn thing wants me to install cookies or something or other and I have had it. I don’t know where that is enabled...I have read the manual and if you know me then you know i have to be beyond desperate to start looking through boxes for manuals or googling.

In a nutshell I am still in the same place i was months ago...I have not been to the mall in about 8 months but I suppose I will have to pay a visit just for my blackberry. Grrhhh

I haven’t even told you about the consistent downloading problems....its just stops to buffer in the middle of everything. You could be trying to dail number to make a call or look up a page and you can bet on it "hanging" on you for unreasonable lengths of time

For a phone of almost $500 one would also expect to get dual view on the camera at least....well at this point you better be grateful if you get a decent pixel shot from the single view....

The point of this rant... This is the most user UNfriendly gadget I have ever used in all my gadget history.

 If you have a sudden irrational and overwhelming desire to throw your money down the drain, then I strongly recommend buying Blackberry Bold 5 for #Christmas. 

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