Thursday, 10 April 2014

#Giveaway KINDLE and $225 PLUS #FREE ATHOLOGY by @jkaccinni

Major giveaway started off today, it's a spur of the moment thing really but here's the thing.....
I hope you will download this free anthology which is a series consisting of 3 books.



Will the profound 

friendship between an alien and an abused women save Earth? 

200 year saga. Over 700 reviews of the series.(NOT FOR 


#wildlife #dogs #dystopiansaga #paranormal #armegeddon#epic

Tweet: RT pls!!! #Giveaway on a grand and $225 up for grabs #fabreads
 If your read it and review any of the books in the series on the 30th May you can enter
for a change at another 2 Kindles and serious cash that we will be giving away
between 30 and 31st.
Just make sure you send me a link to your review:


We need 500 shares from the Giveaway so as soon as we get those, it's
But off date is 30th April.
You have the option of selecting a cash payment via paypal, 
equivalent to your prize if you win.
Kindle Fire HD

OR 1of 3

OR 1 of 3 

Scroll down for giveaway rules.

Tweet: I entered  #Giveaway - Kindle Fire, 3 x $50 GC's, 3 x $25 GC's* PINNED

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Tweet: I entered  #Giveaway - Kindle Fire, 3 x $50 GC's, 3 x $25 GC's* PINNED


As soon as we hit 500 shares 4 winners will be selected. 

(The more you SHARE the greater your chances)

Winner's outside of USA have an option to receive the cash equivalent of their prize via Paypal.

Winners wl be announced 48 hours after the giveaway ends.

The author: @JKAccinni will deliver prizes within 72 hours after winners are announced.

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