Sunday, 11 May 2014

Zama Nomkuca, the Forever Living Chick

Ladies and gents I want to introduce you to my very very good friend Zama. 

She is starting off on a new venture with FOREVER LIVING organic products which i love so much  that I am also seriously intending on joining the trade side of things (she's been my supplier for some time).

I can most certainly attribute my cure of heart palpitations to this range. I cannot give scientific proof of course but what I do know is that they got rid of medication (pur-bloka) I had to take and which were really bad for the rest of my well being.

I was actually at a point where I was also given a small vial of tablets which I had to place under my tongue when things got really out of hand (when I felt like I was having a heart attack)and then suffer the most horrendous headaches while they worked. (I've forgotten the name and can't find the vail)

So I just wanted to give her a shout out and ask you to be on the look out for her promos and shouts.

I'm sure she'll have an FB and Twitter account soon but meantime friend her also please on Facebook to get the latest on*FOREVER LIVING*, they really are an awesome brand with products that work. 

To get them or more info, contact her via Facebook: 

*Forever Living Products is here to give you the opportunity to make that change!

* Would you like to own your own home based business?

* Do you want unlimited income, 43% profit, up to 18% personal bonus, up to 18% group volume bonus, from 2-6% leadership bonus?

* Do you want Growth and recognition?

* Do you want to have No salary cap?

* Do you want Residual income?

IF YOUR ANSWER IS YES? ……… then let me tell you how

Who we are – Forever Living Products,

World’s largest grower and distributor of Aloe Vera health and beauty products.

We were founded in 1978 (35 years old), and have achieved over 2.5 billion rands in annual sales.

§ Operating in 147 countries world wide.

§ Grow all our own aloe vera with no pesticides or herbicides. Totally natural safe product.

§ State of the art manufacturing facility with rigorous quality control.

§ First to receive the International Aloe Science Council Seal of Approval. Also bear the Kosher and Islamic seals which demonstrates the global appeal of FLP. Have recently received the halaal certification.

§ We offer a 30day unconditional money back guarantee on all our products.

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