Friday, 13 December 2013

Fantastic Body Lotions by Woolworths: Product #Review

We love the Woolworths Body Lotion range at my house. 

Thing is, body care can cost a pretty penny, especially in a big family that has varying degrees of skincare needs, challenges and wants. 

For example with skin care"


My kids are pretty young…in fact the youngest is just over 18 months and the oldest daughter 7. So I can’t use anything that contains fragrance o r has harsh chemicals. 


Two are prone to eczema. Its vitally important to have a product that keeps their sensitive skills adequately moisturized to ease irritation. 


My husband does not want body lotion that has any kind of smell in it…not even a faint hint of fragrance. 

In comes the Woolworths care range: 
Products designed to curb the effects of eczema are very expensive….I know, I have had to deal with serious bouts of it in my babies. Before I tried the woollies aqueous cream lotion I spent ridiculous amounts on lotions to help keep eczema away. 

They worked most of them but they were expensive. I love that I am able to use this product as a lotion and a soap to help keep away irritations. My husband loves it to for his daily use, especially with it being fragrance free. It rubs too thick for my liking and takes quite a bit of rubbing to get it in.
 I assume that is the bit about extra moisture and protection. It works for my kids and their dad…..the even nicer bit though is the price. 

Where as I was paying R120 – 160 for one good eczema body lotion for the kids…I now spend R60 or less for kids and dad on sanitary shopping trips. 

My personal favorite at the moment from the Woolworths range is the Honey Vanilla Body Lotion. I don’t mind a bit of fragrance in my lotion. I like one with just a hint of a light fragrance that’s not offensive to the nose. Sometime I don’t feel like wearing perfume or I forget and it’s nice to still get that light fresh smell from your body lotion. So I love this one for its pleasant, light, just a hint of flowery vanilla smell. It’s also very soft and light to the touch but gives substantial spread and very quick absorption. Oh and extra lovely is the pump action feature.

 I just love it because believe it or not, there have been times I’ve been trying to moisturize my hands but I cannot because of a baby on the hip. So I find it handy to be able to squeeze and catch the lotion with one hand because of this handy pump. The joys of a stay-at-home mom.

When I went to my store the other day I found that they had run out of my preferred version of the pump action lotion. So instead I bought this tea rose fragranced one (shown with pink roses in the picture above). I have to say this lotion is not my friend. It has a latent smell that I do not associate with roses. A sort of strong base note that reminds me of a product called Swankie look. 

You have no idea how much I hate Swankie look….it induces vomiting and nausea and you do not want to be caught with anyone wearing it in the elevator. This one is not as bad but I don’t use it when I feel a headache coming on. I hate the idea of throwing it away so I’m keeping it for someone who might like it or a needy day. 
Final word, I love the Woollies range and cant wait to explore their other products in this range.

For more on this range you can go to:

I have not been paid for this review. These are products I bought and use at home. The review and opinions expressed are solely my own.

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