Saturday, 14 December 2013

Vintage Beauty Tips not to be ignored: #Humour

I really don’t know why there is talk of people going out looking for the 7 Wonders Of The World….
As far as I can tell, we women encompass at least 10 of them.
I mean just look at what we go through and who can truly understand it other than a woman.
The sheer absurdity of the lengths we are prepared to go for certain things...
the fountain of youth and porcelain skin for example.
In that vein I have today a list of some of the most hilarious beauty care secrets you and I will possibly ever come across right out of the 1960’s.
This is from  a book I saw being discussed on the Huffington Post and of course I had to follow up on it.
This fine little archive of well intentioned but often very misguided advice is the  "Health and Beauty Hints" by Margaret Mixter

And here we go, just don’t pee in your pants with laughter:

  1. "Walking in the rain... is an excellent tonic for the complexion."
  2. "I consider it an error to wash the hair on a damp or cloudy day."
  3. "It is a fact always to be remembered that the tendency of flesh on the face is to droop downward with age. So all muscles and cords must be rubbed up, to prevent their stretching."
  4. "If a double chin or superfluous flesh is to be removed, rub vigorously to wear away the fat by friction."
  5. "By the time a woman is twenty five years old she should devote at least ten minutes, night and morning, to massaging her throat under the chin."
  6. "I believe that it is impossible for a girl to have pretty hair, and I know that she cannot possess luxuriant tresses when an old woman, unless she brushes and combs her tresses before going to bed."
  7. "Use grease to make the nails shapely. Use grease all the time; cleanse finger tips with it instead of soap."
  8. "A woman who bites her nails should go to a physician for treatment, because this habit is almost always the result of an unhealthy physical condition that needs special care."
  9. "The treatment essential to the improvement of the arms is bandaging them at night."
  10. "One preventative of wrinkles in the springtime is the use of almond milk, the oldest and simplest cosmetic employed by our grandmothers."

There you have it ladies, you guys living in the 2000's aint seen nothin'. 

Let me throw in something more current and useful:

modern day age defying beauty tip: 


Word to the clueless, skip the full-coverage foundation, which can settle into creases. "The best way to conceal spots but still have natural-looking skin is to start with a good tinted moisturizer," says Starworks makeup artist Robin Black, who has worked with Cindy Crawford, Eva Longoria and others. "Then concentrate concealer just on the darkest spots, applying in layers until the discoloration is gone," she adds.

I'm even looking at this product because of the posibility of wrickles.



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